"You're soaking in it!"

Submitted by gbmediadesign on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 14:10

From 1966 to 1992, Jan Milner was beamed into US households as the confident "Madge," the Palmolive-loving manicurist that made the phrase "you're soaking in it (Palmolive Dish Detergent)" a household phrase. What does this have to do with design? Well, no, I am not a manicurist. I am a graphic designer and Madge's statement, oddly, does refer to web design. The reality today is that the greater world wide web is viewed on a multitude of devices with varying screen dimensions. To optimize a website for this broad landscape of screens, current web design standards advocate building sites that are "responsive" or dynamically recomposed and optimized to fit varying display sizes. For example, the current gbmediadesign site is responsive. So if you are reading this post "you're soaking in it," right now, to use Madge's line--you are soaking in responsive design.

If you view the gbmediadesign site on a smartphone (or anything smaller than a desktop monitor) you will see how the pages recompose fluidly to "fit" the size of the display the site is viewed on. Not only does the text recompose but the images and main menu reconfigure dynamically so they are sized to best suit viewing across different screens. Why is this important? If done well a site that has been designed to be responsive will be easier to view across a multitude of devices and screen dimensions making the site's information more accessible. Ultimately, this translates into a positive experience for site visitors, meaning more return visits, and positive search engine optimization results in the long term.

If you are interested in discussing how responsive design might benefit your site, your business, your institution or organization, please contact gbmediadesign.